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Leading Together:  Building relational trust amongst adult community in schools

Professional development focused on enhancing and supporting the adult community in schools. The program’s aims are to improve professional capacity, relational trust, collaboration, quality of instruction, and ultimately student outcomes.

Courage to Lead for Non-Profit Leaders 
Leadership training, nurturing and renewal for nonprofit executive leaders.Those of us engaged in leadership, community service, and social change know the challenge of sustaining ourselves and our commitment to deeply held values and beliefs. The more passionate we are about our work, the more vital it is that we take time to renew our own spirits — to reflect on the wellsprings of our service to others — to reconnect who we are with what we do.  And in this process, we also benefit from the development of a trusted peer group for mutual support and inspiration.

The Courage to Lead® program is designed to provide just this type of nurturing environment for nonprofit executive leaders. Run by Leading From Within and developed by Parker J. Palmer, Ph.D. and the Center for Courage & Renewal, the Courage to Lead retreat series model focuses neither on technique, nor on society’s needs, but on renewing the inner lives of leaders.

Earth, Us and Me - Who Do I Choose to Be?

As we re-awaken our innate and profound connection to Earth and to one another, how do we choose to move forward in the world?  Who do we choose to be?  This will be our focus at a 3-day retreat on April 5-7, 2019.   Join us as we explore how listening to Earth, nurturing our Being, and cultivating healthy community may help us envision our next steps, both individually and collectively.  Register today at